Adding Your MASONLIVE Account to a Mobile Device or Email Client


Please see Mason's mobile device site for set-up instructions for the most popular devices. If your device is not listed, please visit Microsoft's mobile device set-up wizard.

When configuring MASONLIVE email on your mobile device you must use your MASONLIVE Account (your full email address [netid] and your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password). If you need to learn how to set your MASONLIVE Microsoft Password, please review the information found on the tutorials page.


If you are setting up a mail client such as Outlook, please follow Microsoft’s Connect to Outlook instructions.


For email clients or mobile devices that do not support Exchange Active Sync, you may be able to use POP or IMAP to configure the device. You will need to know your account’s server settings to configure this. *Note: POP is not recommended* To locate your server settings, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your MASONLIVE account.
  2. Click the Settings Gear at the top right of your window, then select Mail from the list of My App Settings.
  3. On the left hand menu click Mail, Accounts, then POP and IMAP
  4. You will then be shown the POP and IMAP information for your MASONLIVE account. Pay particular attention to the IMAP setting (you will use this for the Incoming Mail Server). You will also need the SMTP setting, this will be used for the Outgoing Mail Server.