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Below are some commonly reported problems with Outlook on the Web. Click on the links provided below for more detailed information including any available work around.

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Meetings and Emails Appear with Incorrect Time

    Meetings and emails are appearing with incorrect times. It has been determined that the cause of this problem is having the Time Zone set incorrectly in the OWA. To correct this issue, please do the following:

    • Sign in to OWA, click Settings (the gear icon in the top right corner), then click Options.
    • In the left navigation pane, click General, then click Region and time zone.
    • In the Current time zone box, click the arrow, and then click the correct time zone setting for your region. (For those of us at Mason on the East Coast this is (UTC - 05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    • Click Save.

Email: OWA Blocked the Attachment

    There are certain file types that OWA deems dangerous that it will block the attachments from being delivered to you. Blocked file extensions include .exe, bat, .js, etc. A work around is to have the sender zip the file and send it again. For a full list of blocked file extensions, click here.

Email: Messages Getting Caught in Junk Email

    You should check your Junk Email folder periodically to ensure that you are not missing valid messages. If you find a message that shouldn't have been marked as junk, click the three-dot icon (at the upper-right, next to "FORWARD"), then select mark as not junk. Another option is to right click on the message and select the mark as not junk. 

    Along the same lines, if you find a junk message in your Inbox or any other folder, you can simply delete it, or treat all future messages from the sender as junk by clicking the three-dot icon (at the upper-right, next to "FORWARD"), then select mark as junk. Another option is to right click on the message and select the mark as junk.

Email: Sent Items Cannot be Sorted by Recipient

    When the Sent Items folder is selected, there is no option to sort messages by the recipient (TO) only sender (FROM). A case has been opened with Microsoft. A temporary work around is to switch to OWA Light Version and then you can sort by recipient (TO).

Email: Cannot send email using Google Chrome with the Skype Toolbar installed

    You will need to disable or uninstall the Skype Toolbar to restore sending functionality. Below are directions for how to disable or uninstall the Add-in.

    • To disable the Skype Add-in, in Google Chrome:
    • Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome button.
    • Next, click Tools and then Extensions.
    • You will Skype Toolbar Add-in listed.
    • Click Disable or uninstall.

Spell Check

    The Spell Check function is no longer included within the OWA. Spell Check is now handled by your browser (most current browsers support this feature). However, for Internet Explorer, only IE 10 includes a Spell Check; earlier versions do not. Note that IE 10 can only be used on Windows 7 or higher. Please be aware, IE 10 may not be compatible with other Mason applications

Internet Explorer 8 & 9

    Microsoft has reduced its support for IE 8 and will cease support altogether for IE 8 on April 8, 2014. Beginning May 2014, Internet Explorer 8 only displays Outlook Web App Light.

    We recommend that you update to the most current version of Internet Explorer in order to utilize all the functions available with OWA. (Please be aware, IE 10 may not be compatible with other Mason applications) While IE 8 and IE 9 may continue to work with Office 365, you may experience slowness and an inability to use all the features of the OWA. Additional information on IE 8 and Office 365.

    Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates from Microsoft.

Apple Safari 5.x on OS X Snow Leopard

    Periodically Apple Safari 5.x (latest version you can get on Snow Leopard) will cease being able to complete basic functions while in OWA. For example, you will click on 'new mail' and the new message window will not open. Please note that Safari 5 (or lower) does not meet the minimum requirement for Office 365. Work arounds include switching browsers to Mozilla Firefox or try OWA Light Version.

    Please visit the following links for additional information on supported email clients and web browsers with Office 365.

    For software requirements click here.

    For supported browsers for OWA click here.

Sign-out Loop in Apple Safari Browser

    Microsoft is aware of an issue when you are using Apple Safari and experience a sign-out loop when you click Sign out from your account. The sign-out loop continues to toggle between two URLs. This issue results from a cookie setting in the Safari browser. Below are directions to correct this issue.

    • Close the Safari browser or tab where you're experiencing the sign-out loop issue.
    • Open up a new instance of the Safari browser.
    • From the menu at the top, click Edit > Preferences > Security tab.
    • Under Accept cookies, select Always.
    • Close the window.

Email: Missing Messages Due to Clutter

    What is Clutter?

    Clutter is an email-filtering option designed to help you focus on the most important messages in your inbox. It uses algorithms based on your email reading habits to learn to de-clutter your inbox by moving lower priority messages out of your way and into a new Clutter folder. Essentially, Clutter acts as a secondary junk mail filter that moves your less important emails out of your INBOX so you can focus on what matters most.

    How to disable the Clutter feature:

    • Sign into your Mason email via OWA.
    • Go to Options by clicking on the settings gear, and selecting Options near the bottom of the drop-down list
    • On the left hand side of the screen, expand Mail, expand Automatic processing, and then click on Clutter
    • Select the “Don’t separate items identified as clutter” option
    • Click on Save

    It is important to note that even though the Clutter feature can only be enabled or disabled via OWA, the Clutter folder will show up in all mail clients that are linked to that Exchange account. This includes mail clients on Windows, Apple, and mobile devices.

Edge Browser with Office 365

    When using Microsofts Edge browser you will have limitations. Microsoft has posted these limitations.  

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